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Nardini Forniture

"Beauty, concept, innovation and style are the key words that guide us in our vision of spaces."
Tiziano Nardini

A single point of contact for your project

We can be your reference throughout your construction site, from virgin soil to custom-made tablecloth.

About us Nardini Forniture
About us Nardini Forniture
[ about the company ]

A modern tradition of artisan knowledge

Product care is the focus of our interior and exterior furniture consultations and designs, while our goal is to harmonize environments and create continuity between spaces. In the realizations, the Nardini style emerges clearly and directly from the way we work and select brands. It is the search for quality products and artisanal producers with a history behind them from whose hands are born durable and exclusive objects; it is curiosity towards new solutions, selection of rare materials and continuous search for innovation and special features that lead the company to go through a deep and constant growth that results in excellence and quality

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Il nostro è un Design Sartoriale.
Siamo general contractor con un servizio di stile peculiare: un unico interlocutore fra progettazione e stile su misura.
I nostri progetti si compongono di prodotti ricercati e produzione su misura.
Il nostro team di artigiani realizzerà su misura per te per te la cucina, il mobile, il divano, il letto e molto più.


What we do for you

Arredomare Nardini Forniture
Arredo mare

Our experience in fresh and bright sea furniture.

Residenziali Nardini Forniture

The value of spaces that tell their own story.

Comemrciali Nardini Forniture

Comfortable and functional work environments.

Strutture ricettive Nardini Forniture
Accommodation facilities

Choose comfort as an indispensable element.

Barche Nardini Forniture

Nautical furniture between trend, design and practicality.

Ristorazione Nardini Forniture

The harmony of environments between structure and furniture.





Furniture, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Surfaces, Fixtures

We take care of the paperwork for you, furnish your indoor and outdoor spaces by selecting only quality materials and unique pieces but we don't stop there, we can do much more. With imagination and creativity we can also design bathrooms and kitchens, make them from scratch and use the best finishes. These are areas that lend themselves to innovative and design solutions, you will find in our team a good and eclectic partner to give that extra touch to the kitchen and bathroom area.

Nardini Forniture

Give a personal and unique touch to your spaces!

Make your commercial space or home with us: from architecture to supplies to technical and home decor. There are many choices from catalog to custom creations.